Gluten Free in Muskoka

After spending a relaxing long weekend in Muskoka, I was inspired to tell all of you about the amazing gluten-free options available! I also haven’t done a celiac focused post in a long time, which is basically the whole purpose behind this blog! So here you go 🙂


The Bakery

IMG_20150518_144525The Bakery is located in Gravenhurst, Ontario and it has become my favourite place to get gluten free bread and other delicious treats! I almost never make a trip to Muskoka without a visit to The Bakery. They have a completely separate kitchen, a baker who is very knowledgeable on gluten free baking, and a separate area in the store front to display all the gluten free goodies. I have had many items from The Bakery and feel very confident in their ability to be completely gluten free and celiac friendly!

My favourite items are the cinnamon raisin bread, plain white rice bread, and their multigrain buns. Their plain white rice bread is the best sandwich bread I have found so far in my search for gluten free breads. It is actually fluffy and holds together really well! We have also tried and loved their date squares, a few different pies, and their gluten free chelsea buns! They have been a hit for the entire family!

All of The Bakery’s gluten free items are very allergy friendly. They have an allergy guide that makes it very clear what you can and cannot eat if you have allergies/sensitivities besides gluten. FYI: their plain white rice bread is also dairy free, soy free, and egg free!

They usually have a good selection of gluten free items but if you are planning to drive through Gravenhurst and have a specific item in mind, I would suggest calling a few days ahead and ordering exactly what you want. Their gluten free items are so popular that if you go near the end of a day, sometimes they are out of all their fresh breads (although they usually have a good frozen selection too!)

Beat the Wheat

I discovered Beat the Wheat at the local Bracebridge and Gravenhurst Farmer’s Markets and always look forward to stocking up at the beginning of each summer! Their pasta has the best texture of any gluten free pasta I have ever tried (not soggy at all!) and is always a hit for the whole family.

I was very excited to find out they have opened up a store on the main street in Bracebridge, Ontario. They sell their pasta fresh at the store, as well as already prepared pasta dishes, including lasagna, ravioli, and meatballs. I have never been disappointed by Beat the Wheat!

Wheat Free Delights

This was another discovery I made at the Gravenhurst Farmer’s Market. This bakery is 100% gluten free with a variety of baked good options! The owner is a mom who started baking to try and discover the most delicious gluten free options for her daughter who has to eat gluten free. It have always felt like the whole business is a labour of love and I love supporting it 🙂

They make hamburger buns perfect for a summer BBQ, as well as many other bread and bun options. Another one of my favourites is their big cookie, which I always look forward to eating as I wander around the market 🙂 and of course, I never leave the market without an assortment of their muffins! The lemon poppyseed are probably my favourite, although it’s a very tough choice!

Muskoka Natural Food Market

If you’re in Muskoka and looking for gluten free supplies, the Muskoka Natural Food Market in Bracebridge, Ontario should have everything you need! They have a great selection of gluten free food items, chips, baking mixes, frozen food, as well as fresh veggies and lots of natural health products.

They also have the Deli Lama, which has a lot of prepared food and is a great place to stop in for a quick lunch! They usually have a variety of gluten free options. We have also ordered products from them, including an incredible gluten free pizza crust, pumpkin pie at thanksgiving, and when it’s blueberry season they make a killer wild blueberry pie!


The Oar and Paddle

This is a restaurant located in Gravenhurst, Ontario. I have been there twice now and have had a very enjoyable experience both times! The restaurant has a very relaxed and inviting atmosphere, and feels to me like an upscale pub. They have a great menu with options for everyone and a good selection of gluten free items as well!

My friends and I enjoyed sharing a plate of their gluten free nachos made with potato chips! And then I had their gluten free gnocchi with butternut squash and bacon for dinner. It was delicious! Some of their other gluten free options include baby back ribs, a vegetarian grilled eggplant dish, and even an incredible gluten free turtle cheesecake for dessert! It isn’t very often that my fiancé and I get to share a piece of cake for dessert so any restaurant with a gluten free dessert option is an instant winner in our eyes! And this turtle cheesecake did not disappoint!

The only thing I would caution you on is the gluten free symbols on their menu. They have clearly made a few changes to the menu without changing the gluten free symbols (i.e. the salmon still has the gluten free symbol beside it but is now served with bulgar!). I just made sure to confirm that my selections were gluten free and then everything was fine 🙂

The Creative Plate Eatery

This is located just outside of Gravenhurst, Ontario and just opened last year! I haven’t had a chance to check it out this year but I had a couple wonderful dining experiences there last summer! The owner is very aware of celiac and gluten free and has an incredible selection of gluten free options on the menu! I tried their gluten free fish and chips and was blown away by how delicious they were! I can’t wait until I have a chance to make it back there this year.

The best part about this restaurant is that it is located right on Lake Muskoka and is accessible by boat! Nothing beats a sunset boat ride home from a delicious dinner out!

Riverwalk Restaurant

This restaurant is located in Bracebridge, Ontario overlooking the water falls. It is right in the heart of downtown Bracebridge and I love that their focus is on fresh, seasonal, and local foods! They don’t have specific gluten free options listed on their menu but all of their staff and the chefs are very willing to make a dish that works for you! I have always felt very confident in their ability to keep my meal separate and completely celiac-friendly. I have really enjoyed their salmon, lamb shank, and beef tenderloin!

What are your favourite restaurants in Muskoka?IMG_20150517_153122

I’m sure there are plenty more options for gluten-free visitors to the Muskoka area so please let me know if there are any other places you think I should check out!! Or if you have any questions about any of the amazing options I have listed 🙂


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